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The new Nova Panel Series 7"and 10" screen sizes have been redesigned with horizontal and vertical design options. You can add your favorite controls and define quick scenario access to the homepage with user-friendly design. With the side navigation control bar, you can access all the controls in one touch....
Intercom, Internal System Server, RF Gateway, Thermostat, 8 Digital Inputs, 7 Relay Outputs, Wifi and Ethernet connection ...

Wireless Communication

Nova Panel series works integrated with all Inohom products by communicating wirelessly with its internal RF Gateway. The electrical infrastructure of your projects is not important for Inohom We are always with you with the special solutions produced by our R&D department for you.

Wifi and Ethernet Connection

Open your system to the Internet, whether wireless via WiFi or wired via the ethernet port, control your home from all over the world with all its functions.


Conditions such as movement, flooding and gas leakage; it is inspected by the relevant detectors and your security is provided by inohom
A log is recorded about the status information of the detector alarms. It informs you with the time information, detector name and the snapshot taken from the relevant security camera. Active or passive status information of your alarm, related user and transaction information is sent with notification.

Air Conditioning Management

  • It increases energy efficiency with room-based heating control and air-conditioning management that can be defined with scenarios. Inohom offers a more environmentally friendly and more economical life.
  • You can manage different types of air-conditioning systems that can be managed with Combi, Air Conditioner Fan Coil hybridly from one point to a degree and you will get a comfortable living space.

Harmony Technology

  • Inohom With the Harmony technology feature developed by inohom , the range of wireless automation is expanding. Enjoy the advantages of wireless communication flexibility with inohom products in your comprehensive automation projects such as shopping malls, hospitals, public buildings, schools, hotels. You can make many inohom products with wireless communication feature working synchronously over IP.
  • Detailed authorization and log recording, one of the most powerful features of the system, enables a comprehensive building automation where you can control and monitor with wired and wireless terminals. With the support of the web interface, you can manage your entire system from one center.
    The new Nova Panel operating system was developed for this ...

Wireless RF Solutions

New generation Nova Panels provide control of your home with 8 digital inputs and 7 relay outputs, while managing your living space by communicating with other inohom products thanks to its wireless communication capability. Even if your control panel is disabled in any way, the inohom communication algorithm is designed to keep the system running smoothly.

Mobile Applications

With its user-friendly interface developed for iOS and Android operating system, you can manage and monitor your living space wherever you are in the world.

when an intercom call or alarm occurs, Inohom sends you notifications so that you are aware of any situation.


Color loss does not occur when you look at the screen from different angles.
With a 1 mm thick glass surface and high touch sensitivity, you feel the capacitive screen quality.

High Sound Quality

With its special speaker design with elliptical cabinet;
you will notice the sound quality in intercom call, bell and alarm alerts.

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