Actuator modules
Central Control Module

Security, Heating and Other Controls

The CCM17XX Central Control Module provides wireless communication with inohom products, as well as providing brand-independent security with its wired sensor connection support.

In addition to the security function, it provides comfort and savings to your home with room-based heating control, socket, curtain-blind and lighting control support.

Heating Control
İnohom CCM17xx has room-based heating control feature.

Inohom ensures that the room you want is at the desired temperature by communicating wirelessly with all products with thermostat feature, while providing you with maximum savings and comfort.

Alarm Control

By communicating with wired sensors connected to its digital inputs or with inohom wireless product group, your security is taken under control by controlling the controls such as natural gas valve, water valve, main energy contactor and siren connected to its outputs.
Curtain / Shutter, Lighting, Socket Control


It controls common area systems such as garage door control, site entrance barrier control, motorized sliding door control.
You can call the elevator to your floor without leaving your apartment.
It works integrated with our Nova Panel and inohom+ mobile applications.
Lighting Control
Water Valve Control
Socket Control
Switch Modules

Multi-Purpose Design, Flexible Usage

This module can be used in all devices that are managed with energy on-off control such as motorized curtain/blinds, spot, and plugs.
No need to worry about if electronic devices are left on.
inohom mobile application and web interface helps you to manage all devices at home even if you are not home.
You can manage your curtain/blinds, lighting, and electrical devices with different scenarios.

1 or 2 Control

Single module RL1710 for electrical devices, lighting, and combi boiler control.
Double module RL1720 for more lighting, device, and curtain/blind control.

Long Lasting Use

277VAC 16A relay separated for each channel offers long lasting use and enables smooth use with devices that consume high energy such as heaters. With specially designed contact structure for LED fixtures that are drive instantaneous high current, there is no contact adhesion.

Easy Installation

Switch back module is suitable for all plug and junction boxes,
Miniature size compliant with European standards

8 Channel Input Module

It enables the integration of conventional switches to inohom smart home system by providing wireless communication capability. Provides 8 channel connection support.

For Homes and Offices

We designed a system that will make life easier for restaurants, offices, and other businesses.

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