About us


GST ELEKTRONİK started research and development activities in 2012 and the company offers services in smart home systems and building management systems sector with inohom registered trademark. With young and dynamic team member who are experts in different disciplines, our company constantly enriches product range as well as application skills.

Our company creates flexible solutions with extendable system with wireless communication infrastructure, hibrit solutions without infrastructure dependence regardless of stages of a product and brought a new approach to the sector with product range. inohom smart home systems undertakes all software, hardware, design, and manufacturing processes of all products and our company can answer to product demands rapidly with extending typesetting machine track.


İnohom Smart Home Systems continues to work on both software and hardware development projects.

Our company aims to become a local and global sector leader by offering technological that will make life easier for people.


İnohom focuses on prioritising customer satisfaction and provide the most suitable solutions for customer demands.
Services offered as extra in the sector will be offered as standard in our company.

iTech Group

iTech Group is a leading integration company specializing in information technologies in Azerbaijan. We are leading the industry by being one of the most innovative and open providers of integrated solutions on the market. Our goal is to enable the flow of information for people collaborating, empowering and empowering each other, both within and across organizations. We believe in creative people who contribute using their best skills to find the best solutions. We also see teamwork as a key element of development, as the most innovative solutions come from shared knowledge and collective effort. Our customers are our number one priority for products, services and support. That's why we see high value in customer loyalty for more than 23 years in a row.

iTech Group provides products of the world's leading manufacturers 3CX, SNOM, Fanvil, Karel, Yeastar, Vutlan, Anviz, Inohom, AJAX, Dinsafer, DNAKE, Avigilon, Raysharp, KGuard, Adata, etc.

Baku, Azadlig ave., 192E
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